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Shiba Inu - the most wolf-like breed?

Here is an interesting chart showing categories of dog breeds based on their genetic makeup. National Geographic (February 2012 Issue):

Analyzing the DNA of 85 dog breeds, scientists found that genetic similarities clustered them into four broad categories. The groupings reveal how breeders have recombined ancestral stock to create new breeds; a few still carry many wolflike genes. Researchers named the groups for a distinguishing trait in the breeds dominating the clusters, though not every dog necessarily shows that trait. The length of the colored bars in a breed’s genetic profile shows

how much of the dog’s DNA falls into each category.


With roots in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, these breeds are genetically closest to wolves, suggesting they are the oldest domesticated breeds.


Familiar herding breeds such as the Shetland sheepdog are joined by breeds never known for herding: the greyhound, pug, and borzoi. This suggests those breeds either were used in the creation of classic herding dogs or descended from them.


Most in this group were developed in recent centuries as hunting dogs. While the pharaoh hound and Ibizan hound are said to descend from dogs seen on ancient Egyptian tombs, their placement here suggests they are re-creations bred to resemble ancient breeds.


The German shepherd’s appearance in this cluster, anchored by the mastiff, bulldog, and boxer, likely reflects its breeding as a military and police dog.

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Cynthia Woody
Cynthia Woody
23 avr. 2023

I love my two Shibas, they are very Wolf like and are not all. My Shibas howl and have pack behavior. I am the leader of the pack and they are protective and territorial. I have studied Wolve's and Shiba's, with this knowledge I trained my Shibas using some Pack factors they both respect and clearly understand. I receive compliments whenever we walk together, I donot allow others to pet/rub my Shibas. The Female has challenged me in a gentle but undoubtedly "I want to be the Boss of you" manner. I used my pack knowledge to ensure her...I got this! I always make time for "Pack Playtime". Shibas have a wisdom and communication ability that is v…

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